Indigenous Employment Evaluation Tool

Tony Tiplady and Mary Anne Barclay

The Indigenous Employment Evaluation (IEE) Tool is a framework to assist mining companies establish good practices in their Indigenous employment and training. The specific purposes of the tool are to:

  • establish appropriate evaluation criteria for assessing each aspect of a company’s Indigenous employment initiatives
  • establish a blueprint for an Indigenous employment evaluation system.

The IEE Tool was developed as part of a larger study by CSRM into Indigenous employment, documented in the 2007 research report Indigenous Employment in the Australian Minerals Industry, by Tiplady and Barclay. The tool is intended for use in conjunction with this report.

Tiplady, A. & Barclay, M. A. (2007). Indigenous Employment Evaluation Tool. Brisbane: Centre for Social Responsibility in Mining (CSRM).

Indigenous Employment Evaluation Tool