Community development toolkit


The original Community Development Toolkit, which this document updates and replaces, was produced in 2005. It was the product of a joint project between the World Bank Group’s Oil, Gas and Mining Policy Division, the Energy Sector Management Assistance Program and the ICMM. The development of this revised toolkit was informed by a review of the usage of the 2005 version. It was also informed by approaches developed in the intervening period by other organisations, notably the IFC.

This toolkit aims to:

  • Foster constructive working relationships and alliances among communities, companies and governments
  • Build capacity within governments, companies and communities to address sustainable development issues at the local level
  • Promote the value-adding potential of mine development and operation in support of local and regional social and economic sustainable development efforts
  • Improve opportunities for the sustainable development of communities around mining and metals operations and regions during all phases of the mining and metals cycle.

The result is this revised and upgraded Community Development Toolkit, which presents a set of 20 tools intended for use throughout the mining project cycle and that cover a range of community development approaches under the headings of relationships, planning, assessment, management, and monitoring and evaluation.

ICMM. (2012). Community development toolkit. London: Author.

Community development toolkit